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Suzannah Zerfahs


A Bit About Suzannah

Despite the surname, a sign of her German heritage, Suzannah is a London girl through and through, born and bred in Paddington.  In her early years she discovered the love of reading.  To this day she voraciously devours books of all genres. 

Her first work, The Devil's Cup, was published in 2006 and set her apart as a rare and incisive viewer of humanity and relationships.  Over the next eight years, involved in creative writing groups and amateur dramatic societies, she concentrated on writing short stories and plays, several of which won prizes in drama festivals.

Suzannah is married, lives west of London, has four grown up children and was recently gifted with her first grand-child.  She worked for many years in the charity sector, specialising in helping the elderly.  Suzannah was also drawn into voluntary work, becoming deeply involved in the efforts of The Samaritans, eventually becoming a trainer for that organisation which helps those in despair and distress.

In 2017 Suzannah returned to her first love, writing novels,

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The Ghost of Helen Caine

26th May 2019

‘The Ghost of Helen Caine’ is a study of familial love, the impact of loss, the frailty and strength of humanity, and how, even stretched over time and from one world to another, the bonds of love will always hold fast and true.

Love is like heaven but it can hurt like hell.

Freya's Baby

26th May 2019

When tragedy, jealousy and depression engulf a family the struggle to rebuild begins.  Together they draw strength from the unifying power of love for a newborn baby.  Will it be enough?

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Happiness is homemade.



Dottie is a little old lady, she lives in London.  Walking through an underpass she stops and talks to a young man, down on his luck, a rough sleeper.  What he doesn’t know is that she has seen him before, has been watching him.  She offers him a hotel room and food and a week later invites him into her home.

Dottie cover WIX.jpg

Love and kindness are never wasted


The Devil's Cup

To be available as a download  in July

The Devil's Cup was first released in 2006 and is now available for the first time as a download.

Donna is thrilled when her husband, Simon, receives the gift of a lifetime.  But people like Simon are not given such windfalls for no apparent reason.  Simon knows that there is something sinister behind the gift and he is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of lies and deceit as he tries to protect Donna from the truth.

Revenge can be very twisted.

This story will carry you at a breakneck speed from the very first page to the last and a shocking conclusion.

You done me wrong,
your time is up,
you took a sip
from the devil's cup

M People


Reviews from readers

Receiving reviews from readers is gratifying, firstly because you have read what I have written and secondly because you have shared your response to the story.  I am always humbled that anyone would take that time and appreciate it very much.  Thank you for your support and kindness.   Suzannah.

Helen Caine 

It was easy to cry because Suzannah had painted the most wonderful word picture that my mind easily ran the whole film and I felt the full force of all the  emotions.

Thérese - London

Helen Caine

Suzannah Zerfahs is an exceptional story teller.  She grabs your attention from the first page and keeps it.  You will cry, you will smile and you WILL NOT want to put it down.

RP - Florida USA

Helen Caine

You've got to care to be held in a story.  This is Suzannah's gift, to tell a gripping, emotional tale that makes you care.  It's rare and it's a good thing.  Have a box of tissues on standby.

Stephanie - UK


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